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I began this product because my knees were hurting and my back was hurting. I could no longer use Glucosamine and chondroitin because they caused ugly brown spots on my hands and arms. This works even better. In only one week, I no longer had pain in my knees or back. I am now recommending it to friends my age which is 70+. Thanks for the new way I feel, pain free. ~ Myra W
Just starting taking this product after so much pain in my back had no hope until the digest came in the mail so I ordered OsteoHA I had nothing to lose but my pain so I gave it a try in just a short time I feel relief, so super of a product Ill continue using it I will also get my Husband started on this as he's also in pain in his knee's Can't Thank you enough!!!! ~ Ruthanne
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Testimonial for OsteoHA by Vicky

I have horrible pain and stiffness in my joints due to arthritis. If you have arthritis, you know how many products are out there promising relief. Some work and some don't, and it's likely you've tried many like I have. I decided to try a couple herbal supplements, as I have had success with herbal remedies in the past. Herbal products are highly regarded nowadays, and many of these herbs and supplements work for many, many people.

OsteoHA is a nice addition to my pain relief plan. It contains active herbal ingredients I’ve read about, like white willow bark, boswellia and ginger root. I believe this is what makes this product stand out over competitors. Other products contain pretty much ONLY Hyaluronic Acid, so by choosing those, you lose the benefits of the herbs. The herbs have amazing capabilities like gentle pain relief that doesn't upset the digestive system, reduction of swelling, increased flexibility, and reduced inflammation.
The herbs also provide extra benefits, such as antioxidant properties, improved immunity, better heart/eye health through increased natural moisture, and a general improved sense of well-being overall. If you're going to put a supplement into your body every day, you might as well get the most benefits for your money. That is a big reason why I decided to try OsteoHA, and I am very happy with how much the product offers.

The last product I tried was called Move Free by Schiff. It contained the important Hyaluronic Acid ingredient, an extract that aids joint operation by increasing the natural lubrication of the joints. I was thrilled to try it - it is used even by doctors and other professionals to treat joint pain - but their product did nothing for me. I was seeking a higher dose, and found it in OsteoHA. OsteoHA contains a whopping 20mg of Hyaluronic Acid, and Move Free only contained 3.3mg! BIG DIFFERENCE!

I fully believe it is the increased amount of Hyaluronic Acid and the beneficial herbs that make OsteoHA a superior joint relief supplement. It is easy to take, I have experienced no side effects so far, and there is no strong taste or odor to the pills. It's not likely to solve all your severe pain issues on its own, but it has made my pain and other symptoms much more manageable. After a few weeks of use, I experienced many benefits:

  • Less pain in my joints
  • Less swelling of the joints
  • Increased flexibility. So far, this is the most noticeable and best effect of this product!
  • I feel healthier overall
  • I can do more with less pain killers and other drugs that often come with nasty side effects
  • Overall, I’m more active

OsteoHA has really made a difference in my quality of life, and I am very grateful. They actually put enough active ingredients in their product to make them work for many people. I will be continuing to use this product as long as it works!

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