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Want to say goodbye to tight, congested lungs and stuffed sinuses?

Second Wind™ natural lung health support. Cleanse, protect, and fortify your lungs with the right nutrients, such as those found in IVL's Second Wind herbal lung health formula.

  • Reduce overall inflammation caused by colds, flu, allergy, and infections.
  • Expand constricted airways caused by asthma and other chronic conditions.
  • Loosen the build-up of excessive mucus.
  • Relieve congestion.
  • Soothe coughs and sore throat.
  • Protect against infection and airborne contaminants.
  • Improve pulmonary function and exercise tolerance.
  • Restore optimum lung power and capacity.
  • Relax soft-muscle spasms that cause coughing fits.

Second Wind is designed to help you:

9 all-natural ingredients help protect and repair your respiratory system gives your lungs the protection they need with Second Wind™ Respiratory Rescue Formula. 

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